Vanilla Champagne Shampoo and Conditioner Kit *MADE TO ORDER*

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Shampoo: Beer is full of hair and scalp nutrients. On a cellular level, hops is full of vitamins and proteins. In fact, its show-stopping shampoo qualities have been known since the late 60's when our great grandmothers actually used beer as a hair rinse!

Hops deeply hydrates, nourishes, and moisturizes the scalp, hair root, and shaft. Not only that, beer clarifies hair color and is safe for color treated hair. And, talk about shine! 

In recent years, bee4r has been proven to stimulate actual hair growth and even smooth hair frizz! 

AND, that's just the beer part of the formula!

To that, we added real resveratrol from wine! This amazing antioxidant is a powerhouse antioxidant that boats mitochondrial function which, in turn, increases energy production in the hair cells.

Recent studies also show that wine can suppress a hormone that inhibits blood flow to the hair follicle... which means less hair fall!

Conditioner: This intense, rich hair conditioner is formulated with soothing organic aloe, strengthening hydrolyzed wheat protein, castor oil, and nourishing pro-vitamin B5. 
Organic Aloe strengthens and remineralizes the scalp, root ball, and individual strands. Aloe is also amazing for itchy scalps AND protects your hair from UV damage. Aloe leaves hair silky smooth without being limp..
Castor Oil This is because castor oil has moisturizing properties, which could help lubricate the hair shaft, increasing flexibility and decreasing the chance of breakage.
Wheat Protein is a serious hydrator that moisturizes hair, while preventing breakage and adding shine. This invaluable protein also slows hair loss.
Vanilla Champagne Shampoo and Conditioner Kit *MADE TO ORDER*